my creative juices have escaped me. i feel like cardboard.


craziest fucking craving for pie?? i dont get me

did the unthinkable (just kidding) and reached out to terri just to see how she’s doing. she may or may not respond - if anything, i just miss shooting the shit but that’s neither here nor there, if she responds, she responds.

in other news, still find it amazing my cousin is getting married after knowing this chick like half of a year. i have to do a best man’s speech and i have to bullshit like i havent only met this chick once but then i’ll get drunk and eat a lot of caribbean food


im crying

can listen to strange heart by ohbliv forever

not good at big decisions i get too anxious

that typhoon is insane. hope everybody i know and that i dont know’s families are ok.

i should stop inhaling food since i’m only getting older and older and indigestion will be a thing

remember watching this and it not really registering with me but this scene makes me REALLY SAD now

also, i love that talking heads song now

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