if they combined top chef and amazing race man it would the best show ever

i feel like id like this lol

nevermind i cant be fucked to write but uh the magic are the worst team ever if i’m still in new york in june i want to go to the draft in bk

i always feel like writing something when im seconds from knocking the fuck out. save it for tmrw i guess.

new york jan 20 eyoooo

i’m honestly not sure what to make of this year, but hey, could be worse. 

my whole body hurts. cool wedding though. 

picked up my suit for this wedding. cut all my hair off. ugh. 

really mad that i just found out my favorite person on masterchef killed himself. so sad.

sucks you don’t know what people are thinking. not on that level, but i know how something seemingly insignificant can be so important to your psyche 

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