a nondescript day in new york so im in my archives on my regular blog

i swear i dont remember writing half of this or posting things i posted

some good songs though

some good memories. i’m reminded of doing those html puzzle thingy games with terri. was fun. boy did my dumb feelings fuck up some fun times (as fun as you can get over the internet, i guess)

also have yet to find a proper good horror film. she was good at finding those. maybe one day she can re-up me with some.

neway. staying over my moms place tomorrow, then going to see asif and robin in the city later in the week

preferably in a nice warm restaurant.

it’s called jiggable pie for the dumdums, you can nibble on it if you wan’ sum

my grandma babies me so much when i’m up here it’s pretty funny

it’s okay though cause i barely got to see her like the last 15 years



ny cold is killin’ me

i do not like this cold.

not one bit

mental note: dont watch serial killer docs before bed

mental note x2: still mad the supersonics moved. was almost my second fav team behind the magic. they need to come back with that 95-01 logo

i like how my dad got engaged and he’s on the verge of kicking his girlfriend out of the house and she wants to leave now.

they don’t talk. well, she doesn’t talk. i think she’s selectively mute.

david attenborough should never die

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