Fly on, little wing

I love my blog, going through the archives only reaffirms that, haha.

Shit changes so much in a year it’s amazing. You never really realize it.

I don’t know. I’m only saying this because of my blog. Shit changes, for better or worse. Life is weird I guess.

It isn’t in my blood to fuck someone over.

The last minute of “Shell of Light”..

I haven’t felt this happy in a while.

Broke and happy. Imagine that.

I wish I wasn’t working for Christmas and New Years, but thats every year.

Almost 2012.. can’t believe it.

900 dollar phone bill.

Jesus fucking roaming charges.

I don’t regret anything but man, its getting hard when you realize so much of your money went into something that.. I don’t know. I feel so dumb. All I wanted was a good time, eh, whatever. I still think its worth my sanity.

Dwight is a goner isn’t he.



One day, you’ll understand

"She got mad at me on facebook and didn’t talk to me for a week because i was hating on twilight"

-Franco on Ling

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You can’t always listen to other people, myself included. If people want my unbiased, or biased opinion I’m always going to tell them but it’s your life. I’m not going to feel a way about a person just because you say something about it, the same way you wouldn’t if I said something about them. At the same time I usually have a hunch about certain people.. still, we all love to find out the hard way.

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