Poor Vince. Was almost relevant until KD stole the show.

Mavs 0-3?!

Celtics too.

I miss the NBA.

The best way to move forward is to not think at all. People do things because they want to. Can’t change the past.

these cookies omg

I have no regrets this year. I did exactly what I wanted to do, and probably did more harm than good to myself in most aspects but I’ve been me the whole time.

Does it mean I would do the same thing or I haven’t learned or grown up or realized things? Of course not, but it saved me from repeating it in the future.

I’m happy going into 2012, hopefully it can stay that way. I can only wish to be a little more productive in my job/school situation than this year. I’m comfortable in this routine, and while it feels good, it can’t be this way forever.

I’ll write about my year before 2012.

Live and learn.

My roommate found out she has a tumor and I don’t think its the good kind.

Sigh, I’m tired of this shit.

Fly on, little wing

I love my blog, going through the archives only reaffirms that, haha.

Shit changes so much in a year it’s amazing. You never really realize it.

I don’t know. I’m only saying this because of my blog. Shit changes, for better or worse. Life is weird I guess.

It isn’t in my blood to fuck someone over.

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