My grandmothers options:

Chemo x2 (or 3) and risk being weak and not making it

Not taking chemo and seeing how long it takes for her to die

This sucks. Shes my heart.

koreless needs more than like 5 songs what the fuck

i want everybody i care bout thats sick not to be sick thanks gawd


I’m so different than 5 years ago.

I’m sure Ill look back and realize how fucking ridiculous I was, but thats life. Realizing now more than ever it’s too short to hold grudges or be sad or whatever it may be.

Is getting schwasted ever fun

I sincerely hope one day everything can be put behind us and we could be good friends again.

I’m not holding out for it - nothing is certain in life. At the same time, time and a clear mind changes a lot. For fucks sake, the Pope and his shooter became best friends. That’s kind of cool.

For now, space is vital. Doing me, doing me, doing me. But I’d be lying if random nights in idle times I didn’t think how you were doing.

P.s. I dont know why I write towards people like anybody still reads this shit. I guess it just makes it more personable and thats the only way I could really write.

Things I’ve tripped out on in the past..

god. I learn every year, and I’m grateful for that.

I haven’t talked to my mom in 2 months ;_;


still broke and happy

got my new bike ;)))

had fun tonight, arm fucking killing me

still have my days, but few and far between

still impossible for me to hate somebody

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