I wanna do stuff for all-star weekend with my friends. I’ll probably run into a few of them. I just want to hang out with the TNT crew.

I hate how some songs hit me and remind me of things I don’t want to particularly be reminded of.

I really don’t see the point of being spiteful.

I can call out quite a few people, put their shit out there, or publicize drama, but nah. I’ll tell like 2-3 people that I’m close with just to get that shit off my chest and thats that.

I don’t find fun in perpetuating something in the past just to cause problems for them afterwards.

I feel bad for people that fuck over the wrong people, but I guess they do have it coming.

Happy and that’s all that matters, I guess.

I still have abandonment issues but uh, dudes don’t really talk about that. I’m good.

talking back to managers because they’re closer to getting fired than i am.

and i don’t give a shit anymore. need a new job.

you can do some real damage to people.

john talabot - fin

aoty contender

silence really speaks volumes.

you dont really grow up til you get slapped in the fucking face with reality

unpublished memories. crazy how much we dont know about people. or history period. so much is undocumented

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