alright, 2 years late on the walking dead but i’m addicted.

i miss more people than i could count

singing randy newman songs around the house

do whatever as long as it’s done with good intention.

anyway, this week i’ve realized that starting a website, if anything but for people to read your content is sort of cool and satiates my hunger for creating something that people can interpret or just be entertained by at the least. and you make some connections/interactions you never thought possible.

foxes in fiction is the nicest fucking guy.

winter chills

also hooray to me for reading a book for the first time in forever. like, really? i’m a binge reader to the fullest. 

infinite jest is also 3x bigger than i thought it would be. no worries, though.

getting dexter wansel’s number is pretty fucking cool, not going to lie.

boy is it hard to create without inspiration. gotta make my own.

also, magic are 2-0. i dont know how. this makes me happy. almost as happy as when the lakers lose.

nothing like seeing people go through crazy struggles to make certain parts of my life seem trivial.

+ my beard coming along nicely

- slacking on gym/waiting for new bike valve to pump it

+ finding good restaurants near me i usually walked past

- orlando as a whole

+ fall weather

- lethargy

+ basketball season, football

+/- helping my mom out with money

+ following my dreams

i guess stuff could be worse!

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