world’s dumbest wisdom toof.

enough baked ziti, sausage & peppers / glazed cookies in my system to last me a week.

thanks aunt d. good food and company is like the best gift.

shoutout to new years, finally won’t be working on one.

gods help you theon greyjoy, now you are truly lost

we just can’t beat the raptors. almost threw my remote at the door until i realized me getting mad @ the magic losing is sort of hilarious when i previously expected us to win about 15 games the whole season.

damn, terrance ross tho.

i grow a lot each year, but i end up saying that every year. not sure if it means anything.

any time that i want to write something long i end up falling asleep and being like “ah fuck it” when i open my browser back up or i sound like a blabbering fool and it’s better off not posting at all.

so i’ll do it again. maybe one day i can muster more coherent thoughts. all i know is that i want to be in new york for christmas, i miss family / the sky when it snows. been about 2 years.

i need a pick-me-up

alright, 2 years late on the walking dead but i’m addicted.

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