it’s cool seeing people in their prime.

can’t seem to stray from the braindead.


the great equalizer: the truth and greatness will always be discovered. whether it takes a day, a year, or 100 years.

putting expectations on people is a faulty method of thinking. it’s taken me 20+ years to realize that. a new day is a new day and people will fail you in a myriad of ways. as you will fail them.

dogs will make you less lonely (i need a dog)

best thing i ever did was stop drinking soda/eating candy a few years ago. easy to do, too.

bread is a good staple

some people become a little more tangible in my dreams.

reading disturbing/interesting wikipedia articles is like one of the best things

need to step my movie game up


journal notes:

5:00 am new years eve - eating a bag of peanut m&m’s

No more “why me?” thoughts - taking my lumps and controlling what I can. I just wish this door of finality wasn’t so wide open in my life. What do I have to sell to keep good conversation and a little depth?

If only.

In a completely unrelated note, why does porn that has women trying to keep a straight face in public/or working while getting fucked have to be so good?

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