where the fuck has the excitement gone

graham crackers in milk all day

i hope i never become bald. my hair is pretty glorious at the moment

Alexander Kowalski & Joris Voorn - She’s Worth It

just noticed i was at 999 posts

daaayum b

watching the dunk contest tonight, hope its good

think i might be getting a new tat soon

mmm anne curtis

i never thought tumblr would have as big of an impact as it has in my life - sounds kinda sad i guess, but it’s true.

there’s been good, bad, ugly. but to really get to know me and actually be in my company is something i’ve always held close to me. it’s saved me more than enough times and it could never go unthanked. truly some people that i won’t forget.

the ride has been good.

fucked up a lot by just trying to keep people around that made me extremely happy. 

learned what not to do. your heart isn’t always right

learned what to do

messed up a few more times in completely different ways

i guess thats life though, huh. i still appreciate every single person i’ve opened myself up to and that gave me more of the good than the bad.

still a genuine ass dude though. i’ve just got to find my balance in my emotions. wore it on my sleeve, then i kept it bottled up, now i’m in some weird middle stage.

maybe i can repay people one day and be a normal ass dude

honestly obsessed with chief keef and i cant stop

some people are just cruel

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