in the grand scheme, nothing is that big of a deal

only took me 3 years to figure out this do not disturb thing on skype is nice cause no annoying ass sounds

i’ve stopped caring and i’ve also stopped being jaded.


the last few years have flown by and i’ve still very appreciated of the people that were in my life and that aren’t, the good times were fucking incredible and i’ve taken away really good things from people ive been really close to cause i love learning and experiencing things and all that good jazz

i just got psychoanalyzed by somebody i’ve only known for a week and they’re actually pretty spot on and basically called me woody allen in the film manhattan

the latest omar-s album is the best i’ve heard this year so far


spending afternoons rapping like geechi suede 

being able to grow my hair/facial hair is cool

being able to grow my hair/facial hair is cool

maybe i’ve found a balance between being way too heavy handed and nonchalant as all fuck

i remember reading some asian dudes private blog FUCK i forgot his name , he was dating that one black girl a while ago

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