no lust, no love

rare milwaukee bucks disco record what the helll

this basketball offseason feels like the longest. i want us to good but i also want to tank for wiggins. i bet charlotte or toronto gets him though.

i only watch good movies with one person now-a-days. it takes so much effort for me to watch any movie at all without somebody else

hair game homeless

hair game homeless

i need something for my sleep schedule, its like.. ridiculously awful

in other news, im sort of at a crossroads of what i want to do / where i want to do things in my life but at least i have options.

it’s a matter of weighing it and doing what will be the most rewarding

we’ll see where i end up

truth be told, i do wonder how terri is doing from time to time.

it’s only natural, i suppose. i don’t feel bad about it. there is no underlying feeling with it, especially considering i was in a loving, pretty damn rewarding relationship for over/around a year before just stuff not working out earlier this year.

but still. terri was still one of the most intriguing and knowledgeable people i’ve befriended. i learned a lot from her - shared damn near everything with her.

things did end up sour. i boxed her into places i never intended (when you like somebody you say dumb things) to and left her in shitty positions time and time again where her only option was to hurt me and i deserved it. and even if it was her own doing at times, i don’t hold any ill will towards it. i’m sure we’re two completely different people now, and i know how asinine i was towards certain situations that i can only shake my head at now.

but, it is what it is. regret is for suckers. we’re two strong personalities, and she had an infectious one that fueled a lot of interests i still have to this day.

of course, i’m not holding out for anything - christ, i stopped almost 2 years ago or something now, even if it would be extremely cool to hear from her and check my email one day and be like oh shit. but i don’t expect anything and thats ok, like i’ve stated time and time again on this blog, i never did anything maliciously or with any agenda. hope shes at peace and enjoying life

note to self: it’s never that serious.

my hair is becoming hard to maintain

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