such a struggle to decide when to be proactive or reactive in certain situations.

ah well, coin flips

seaaaaarchin seaaaaaarchin


had a dream i was eating some chicks butt in the back of a library 

the hell is wrong with me lately

or right

podcast addict

greasy food gang

the last anon i got is bugging me for the fact that i can assume i know who it is but i dont want to be wrong!! hahah

it’s just phrased that i dont think it can be a random ass person but iono

it’s sort of nice and kinda sad(?) and whatever at the same time, and i wish it wasn’t anon. but it’s extremely nice to hear regardless!

maybe one day we can chop it up again. i’ve let everything go. but who knows. not my decision, yanno

im really wishing floating points would come to orlando 

was at baths show last night - “how many of you know im gaaaaay” *roaring applause* cracked me up a bit

also groundislava with a throwback fubu jersey. me and jared were making fun of the shirt and then he got on stage and ripped it pretty hard and we’re like oh shit just though it was some random oaf 

legit just found a “terri sucks” bookmark for an old ass book i had and started laughing

p sure it was a response to that “nick sucks” picture from like when i first talked to her

basketball season is here, feels like eternity. 

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