don’t have much

was going to complain about me being sick but seeing paul george’s ankle snap in half is making me shut up


my body hurts V_V

hoping we got kemp / payton v 2 with this draft in orlando

game of thrones finale was pretty good. heard it pissed off some of the book readers though. im happy my dude varys was like “nah, fuck that” when he looked at king’s landing.

gotta make my own luck, right?

spurs need to fuck the heat up. only one florida team should be winning ;[

i’m tired of small talking people though. god damn holding a conversation is tough when i’m not the least bit interested about you.

i’m sure the same can be said for me though

i’ve been writing a lot less. which is both good and horrible. i always wrote when my mind was overactive - now i find myself bored with most aspects of life. not in a depressed sort of way, i think - just need some new challenges. whenever i set more and more goals for myself good things happen.

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